Fashion Tip: Creating the Perfect Wardrobe

Creating a wardrobe can feel challenging, but it doesn't have to! With these tips, you can effortlessly create the perfect wardrobe that fits your needs and style.

1. Let's talk QUALITY! 
It is better to invest in high quality pieces that will last several seasons. This is true even if it means purchasing a smaller number of pieces. Remember quality over quantity! You may actually spend less in the long run by investing in a few higher quality pieces, than buying several less expensive items that only last a few washes before they pill and look very worn.

2. Everyone needs VARIETY!
We just talked about choosing quality pieces that will last several seasons. But what about staying on trend? How does that work together? Simple! You want a mix of classic staple pieces that stay in style over time and trendy updates. So it is important to choose those high quality classic pieces and then mix in the trendy updates to freshen up your wardrobe. 

Classic pieces may include pieces like denim, a jacket, basic tees and dresses, cardigans, solid leggings, shoes and a quality handbag.

Trendy pieces to mix in may include patterned tops, fun blouses, seasonal dresses, fun socks, printed leggings, and accessories. It is still important to value quality in these purchases, however you may spend less on some of these items than your classic staple pieces. However, if it is a quality, highly sought after item, you may spend more here as well. Quality over mass quantity always wins in my book. 

3. The importance of STYLE and COMFORT 
Your clothing should make you feel beautiful and confident, but it should also be comfortable to wear! You aren't going to feel beautiful and confident if you aren't comfortable. Choose fabrics and cuts that feel good to you and lay nicely on your body. Everyone has a different preference on what fabrics feel nice to them. Remember, going back to quality, that is also going to affect the feel and the fit. Items that are mass produced at a low cost aren't necessarily going to have the time invested into creating a nice fit like a higher quality brand, like denim for instance. The quality of fabrics aren't going to be the same either and may not provide that feel or fit you are going for. 

4. One of my favorite attributes: VERSATILITY 
Choose pieces that you can create multiple pairings with! You want to be able to mix and match pieces for different outfits and occasions, across multiple seasons. For instance a simple tank maxi dress may be worn to the park in the Summer with sandals and a hat. In the Fall, you may add a jacket and booties for your favorite Fall festival. For a Winter day, you can add a cozy cardigan, warm socks or leggings and boots for coffee with friends. In Spring, that same tank maxi dress can be paired with a Kimono and belt for a fresh look as the Farmer's market opens back up! Easy peasy!

Choosing pieces that coordinate with multiple pieces in your wardrobe will be the key to creating a versatile wardrobe!

Choose a base color of black or navy. Then choose complimentary neutrals such as gray, white, taupe, or cream. Pick 2-3 accent colors. Add in patterns and textures such as florals and lace for dimension. There, you are all set! 

5.  BE YOU!
Choose pieces that you love and reflect who you are! Small details and accessories can really pull an outfit together and put your own personal touch into it. Have fun and be confident! 
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  • Great and informative read! I love your business branding and the website. I also LOVE that proceeds go to children in need! Thank you Annie! 😘❤️


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